M-A (Typ 127) – Silver (in stock)

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On the forefront of the analogue revolution…

A shutter-speed dial, an aperture ring on the lens and the characteristic rangefinder for focusing: the Leica M-A (Typ 127) has everything a camera needs, and nothing else. This is a camera that takes us back to the basics.

Many of its components were used in┬áthe very first M cameras ever created, exactly as they are today. No changes have been made to its mechanical way of working in the past 60 years and there won’t be a reason to do so in the coming 60 years either. The Leica M-A is the puristic perfection of analogue photography and now symbolises a precision-engineered return to the essence of the art of photography.

In the box:
Carrying strap | Body cap | 1 roll of Tri-x 400 film


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