Leica SL System

Get Closer with the Leica SL

Greg Williams’ cinematic style of composition and lighting was originally cultivated as a reportage photographer working behind the scenes on feature films where he has learnt lighting techniques from observing many of the world’s great cinematographers at their craft. Greg has build a reputation of being able to get an image that is campaign worthy in an exceedingly small amount of time due to the speed and auto focus of the SL.

Leica SL Cameras

The Leica SL-System is the embodiment of the digital era in professional photography. As a mirrorless system camera with an electronic viewfinder and electronic shutter, the Leica SL impresses with versatility, ease of handling and robustness.

Leica SL Lenses

The Leica brand stands like no other for the design and construction of excellent lenses. It is, therefore, only to be expected that the new Leica SL-Lenses also deliver unrivaled picture quality.

Leica SL Accessories

The range of accessories and equipment for the Leica SL underlines its commitment to fulfilling professional demands. It ranges from a handgrip for easier shooting in portrait format and high-power flash units to an audio adapter for an off-camera microphone.