Leica Fotos App


Your Leica pocket companion

Capturing, transferring, editing and sharing unforgettable moments remotely? Quick, easy and on-the-go?

We’ve got an App for that.

The Leica FOTOS App was created to give Leica photographers all the tools they need to focus on telling their story.

Download the App for iOS and Android.

When traditional photography and the digital experience merge – amazing things can happen. Introducing the newly redesigned Leica FOTOS mobile app. The new app offers Leica photographers the tools needed to easily stay connected through a single app, providing an exemplary mobile photography experience.

Compatible with any Wi-Fi enabled Leica camera, the new app delivers features that enable photographers to capture unforgettable moments remotely, transfer, edit and share images quickly, easily, and on-the-go.

Easily connect to the new app to transfer raw photos to your phone while on the move; see every detail and check exposure through immersive viewing; remotely control your camera to capture the most fleeting of moments; effortlessly access and manage your deepest camera settings; perfect your raw photos to share on social media.

This new and improved app dedicates a separate space for your special photos – so they are not mixed in with the rest – creating your own Leica Gallery, right in the palm of your hands.